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 Start here and browse our site for land and gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day and any other special occasion.

Give a Gift
  Information about purchasing a "Deed To The United States" and images of unique gift deeds for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, Birthday or Anniversary Gifts.

 Find out about Own a Piece of America and the square inches of land now available on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions
 Answers to our most common and frequently asked questions about our gifts.

50 State Deed
 Buy a deed that proves ownership of 1 inch of land in all 50 US states at once. Give a Deed as a unique present to your husband, wife, child, father, mother

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Individual States
 Buy the unique personalized gift of land in any single US state.

Privacy Policy
 The information we receive from customers is utilized in order to personalize Deeds and assign unique numbers for each square inch parcel of land.

Personalized Groomsman Gift Idea
 The perfect present for a best man, groomsman or old college roommate. Gave a personalized deed to the US.

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 News Articles about land deeds and free land.

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 Articles about deeds to land in the USA.

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 Own A Piece Of America press and news.

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 Complete articles about land in America.

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Deed to Land in Alabama
 Looking for something special to give for a birthday?

Give Land in Alaska
 Deeds are a new idea for all kinds of gift giving occasions.

Land in Arizona for a Birthday
 You can purchase 1 square inch of land from any state that you desire.

Arkansas Gift
 Be creative at for the holidays and buy personalized deeds for your family members.

California Personalized Gift
 Own A Piece Of America offers a special and unique idea like no other.

Colorado Fathers Day Present
 Needless to say these "mini-estates" can't be built on, lived on or retired on.

Give Connecticut
 You also won't have to pay taxes of any kind...ever, and will not be required to mow, pick up trash, or comply with any local, state or federal regulations.

Unique Delaware Present
 Live in Delaware? Want to tell your friends that you own land in Delaware? Now is your chance.

Give Land in Florida
 Have you always dreamed of retiring to Florida? Well you can start your dream here with an inch of Floridian land

Georgia Deed for Fathers Day
 Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind. Now you can have a deed to Georgia in your home.

Give the Unique Gift of Hawaii
 Hawaii is a dream getaway for so many americans. Claim a small piece now while you can.

1 inch of Idaho
 Idaho is more than just potatoes. Claim an inch of this beautiful state.

Property in Illinois
 Abraham Lincoln's home and burial site are in Springfield Illinois.

Buy Indiana Deed
 There are only 36,418 square miles of land in Indiana so you best be getting some quick.

Iowa State Deed
 Purchase an Iowa state deed from Own A Piece Of America.

Kansas Personalized Gift Idea
 Looking for a unique and personalized present for someone who loves Kansas? This is perfect.

Purchase a Deed to Kentucky
 Give a piece of Kentucky as a Birthday or Fathers Day present.

Buy a Piece of Louisiana
 Show your love for this country by purchasing a piece of Louisiana.

Got Maine? A Perfect Birthday Gift
 Land and Lobster. Maine is a gorgeous state to own property in.

Purchase Personalized Gift of Maryland
 Give a piece of Maryland as a perfect and unique present to someone you love.

Buy Massachusetts
 Do you love Boston? Some say this is where our great nation came alive. Own a piece of history.

Give 1 Inch of Michigan
 Give a personalized deed to the state of Michigan as a present.

Personalized Deeds to Minnesota
 Minnesota deeds are available to you. Buy land one square inch at a time.

Mississippi Gifts
 Give a deed to Mississippi as a personalized present to someone you love.

Get a Deed to the State of Missouri
 A present with your name on it! Personalized and unique, give Missouri.

Own Land in Montana
 This is the perfect present for the person who has everything. Give a piece of Montana.

Give a Personalized Gift Deed to Nebraska
 A unique present for the person who has everything. Be creative and interesting; give a personalized deed.

Nevada Land as a Unique Gift
 This is a new and creative personalized present idea from Own A Piece Of America.

Give the Gift of New Hampshire
 Don't be shy; put your name on a deed to New Hampshire today. Makes a unique personalized gift idea.

Be a New Jersey Landowner
 Own property in your favorite state. It's fun simple and legal.

Claim a Piece of Mexico
 Carlsbad Caverns National Park is one of the most beautiful sites in the entire world and it is in New Mexico. Here is a deed to remember it all by.

Give a Unique Gift of New York
 Home of the most famous city in the world, New York is the perfect state to give as a present. Put your name on a deed to New York.

Get an Inch of North Carolina
 North Carolina the birthplace of aviation. What better state can you think of placing your claim to land in?

Claim Land in North Dakota
 Do not underestimate North Dakota, it is a great place to own property in.

Give a Piece of Ohio as a Gift
 Oberlin anyone? Buy land in the state where you went to college.

Oklahoma Land as a Personalized Gift
 A new and interesting idea for a birthday present or a present for almost any occasion.

Oregon is a Perfect Gift Idea
 Don't know what to get for the person who has everything? Try giving them land this year.

Pennsylvania Makes a Wonderful Present
 Celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and our nations first capital which was in Philadelphia. Buy a piece of Pennsylvania

Give Rhode Island as a Birthday Present
 Rhode Island is tiny. Really! Who knows how many square inches are left. Get them while you can.

Give the Personalized Gift of South Carolina
 Give this unique and personalized gift idea to someone special.

Own Land in South Dakota
 Land is the perfect present, especially when you are out of ideas for someone's birthday or Fathers Day.

Purchase a Deed to Tennessee
 A personalized deed makes a unique and interesting present for the hard to please person on your list.

An Inch of Texas, A Unique Present
 Yes Texas is big, and we have no idea how many square inches Texas has, but that is no reason to wait. Get your piece of Texas today.

Utah is the Perfect Gift Idea
 Buying land in Utah might not be as great as a day skiing the light fluffy powder in the mountains by Salt Lake, but the risk of breaking an arm is also much lower. Enjoy your deed!

Claim Your Property in Vermont
 Sit down with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and dream about your square inch of land in Vermont. Life is good.

Virginia State Deed
 Home to both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Virginia is a truly great state to stake your claim in.

Washington Deeds as Presents
 A great present for just about any occasion. Give the unique gift of land.

Own Land in West Virginia
 Take Me Home West Virginia. Well if you can't go home to West Virginia you could always take a little West Virginia back home with you.

The Personalized Gift Idea of Wisconsin
 Looking for a great personalized gift for your father? Look no further. Make it Wisconsin.

Wyoming, a Unique Gift
 There is no other present quite like it. Give a unique gift to you friends and family this year. Give a piece of Wyoming.


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